Why move to a community in East Tennessee?

Why move to East Tennessee- mountains, lakes, arts, recreation, retirement, business, climate, and more.The reason is simple:  Outstanding quality of life. Our region is blessed with scenic beauty, a moderate climate, abundant recreational opportunities, an easy & relaxed way of life, a low cost of living and the friendliest folks you will meet anywhere!  Bordered by the Great Smoky Mountains on the southeast and the Cumberland Mountains on the northwest, nestled between numerous lakes and rivers, the land is a vacation paradise with all the amenities of nearby urban Knoxville.  Why not take back your life and own your vacation?   

Whether you plan on going to school, starting a family or a business, relocating for a better life, investing for the future, or planning to retire, East Tennessee has a home for you that you will love.  For more information on our communities please see our Communities Map.

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We enjoy a moderate climate with four distinct seasons.  Extended periods of extremely hot or cold weather are rare.Snow comes to the Great Smokies and to East Tennessee.

Average Annual High/Low: 69 / 46 F

Average Winter High/Low: 49 / 28 F

Average Spring High/Low: 70 / 45 F

Average Summer High/Low: 86 / 64 F

Average Autumn High /Low: 71 / 48 F

The higher mountain areas have climates with milder summers as well as colder, more blustery winters.  The length of the growing season is also linked to topography:  most of East Tennessee has a growing season between 180 and 220 days, but this drops to 130 days in the higher mountain ranges.  The average rainfall in the valley is 48 inches, and, on rare occasions, snow does fall in the winter. When that happens, schools let the kids out and we all admire the white stuff and build a (small) snowman. Everybody enjoys it as we all know that it will be gone in a few days! 


Do we really need to talk about it? We live in the vacation capital of the Eastern U.S.! Recreation is a way of life here! We have seven lakes managed by TVA, the Tennessee Valley Authority, countless rivers and mountain streams, numerous state and national parks, a large number of marinas, camp grounds, golf courses, country clubs and city and county parks. For children and youth you will find a wide range of organized sports programs.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is of course the center piece of it all - highly acclaimed for its bio-diversity and beauty, offering countless opportunities for hiking, camping, photography, outdoor cooking and all the enjoyment of nature's beauty.

Our area offers the opportunity to invest in property that is uniquely positioned in the United States - within 500 miles of 75% of the nation's population and right in the heart of the most visited area in the U.S.!

Please see our map of the area. For more information about the Park, please go to the Great Smoky Mountains website. For additional information, please go to this private website , which has a large number of useful links.

TVA lakes provide prime recreation for residents and visitors. We serve communities bordering on six TVA lakes. Please see our map of the region for the locations of these lakes relative to communities.  Here are links to the descriptions of recreation opportunies provided by each of the lakes:

Douglas Lake  has shoreline bordering Jefferson, Cocke, and Sevier Counties.

Ft. Loudon Lake  has shoreline bordering Knox, Blount and Loudon counties.

Melton Hill Lake  has shoreline bordering Knox, Loudon, Roane, and Anderson counties.

Norris Lake  has shoreline bordering Anderson and Union counties.

Tellico Lake , which is contiguous with Ft. Loudon lake, has shoreline bordering Monroe and Loudon counties.

Watts Bar Lake  Watts Bar Lake has shoreline bordering Loudon, Roane, and Anderson counties.


At every turn there is golf.  And, we can show you properties on many of the golf course in East Tennessee.

Click here for listings of courses in Tennessee.

Cultural Activities and Entertainment

The region has a great diversity of entertainment and cultural venues and opportunities.  Every type of music from Blue Grass to folk rock is available.  The region abounds with amusements, including art and science museums, a theme park, and a highly acclaimed zoo. There are close to 1000 restaurants in the region, over 60 movie theatres, and dozens of venues for music, plays, and other entertainment.  Some of the better known and acclaimed cultural opportunities that residents experience include:

The Civic Coliseum and Auditorium and the Thomas Bowling Arena in Knoxville regularly sponsor plays, concerts, and other shows.  Spectator sporting activities center on the University of Tennessee. The region has a professional hockey team, the Knoxville Ice Bears, and a professional baseball team, the Tennesse Smokies.

Culture and population of the region

The population of the greater Knoxville area is approximately 700,000.  Demographics of the population are provided by the Census estimate.  The population is primarily of European historical origin, although the region has a population rich in diverse backgrounds and traditions.  Summary data are available for each town and county in the region at this U.S. census site.

The greater Knoxville area has a cost of living that is 10 percent below the national average. Average cost of house is significantly less than the national average. See these comparisons of the cost of living with other cities in the U.S.

Detailed information on cities and counties in the region are provided by the data sets of the East Tennessee Economic Development Agency.

Facts about the population of each county and city is available online from the Quick Facts website of the US Census Bureau.


Most public school systems perform as well as the average of US systems, and several them perform better. Some individual public schools have outstanding performance and have received national awards. There are a number of private schools at the K-12 level in the region. See our local schools pages for more information on both public and private schools at the K-12 level.

The region is served by the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, by three community collleges, and by a number of private colleges.  More detailed information is found on our colleges page.

Economy of the Region

The region has a robust economy, built on a highly qualified and diligent workforce.  Advantages of the region and type of assistance for investment and moving businesses to the region are given on the website of the East Tennessee Economic Development Agency. Other good sources of information include the planning commissions of the local areas. For example the Knox County-Knoxville Metropolitan Planning Commission has excellent data on local economic factors and other demographic data.


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