Investment / Rental Cabin Ownership in the Great Smoky Mountains

Chances are high you have already stayed in one of our marvelous log cabins in the Great Smoky Mountains area; and you may have wondered who the owners were, why they chose this cabin or what the financial side of cabin ownership would look like. Well, the reasons for wanting to own a cabin are many but they usually come down to this:

If you enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains and its surrounding communities and you enjoy coming here for your vacations, it may make sense to buy your own cabin and, in fact, "Own your Vacation" as we say around here. You can buy your cabin now while prices are low, put it on a rental program and let it help pay for itself. Eventually, you could move in permanently, or just for a season, while you try the area on for size or look for your final residence in the mountains.

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These listings by price range include all communites and listings of the Great Smoky Mountains Association of Realtors.

Purchasing a Log Cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains

Purchasing a log cabin is very similar to buying a home, either primary or second - you have it inspected, get a loan or pay with cash, and the cabin is yours! You will have normal utilities just like any other home, and you will have to pay Homeowners Association fees and do some regular upkeep like spraying for insects or weeds. If your cabin is in a resort or on a rental program, the rental company or Homeowners Association may end up doing a lot of this maintenance work for you.

So what about renting your cabin? Most owners select a cabin rental company to do this for them. The rental company usually equips the cabin with sheets, towels and consumables like soap and paper towls and napkins. The rental company also advertises your cabin, takes reservations, handles all the billing, check-in and check-out, cleans the cabin and gets it ready for the next occupant.

A log cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains ages gracefully

Wear and tear on the cabin: Many new owners are concerned about rough treatment of their cabin by tenants; but, in fact, we have had very few problems with that. Most tenants who come to stay here have paid good money to do so - they look forward to coming to "their" cabin and they love being in it and everything about it and they generally take good care of your cabin while they are here.

Also, log cabins age gracefully - the wood logs and decor of the cabins wears well - little scuffs and nicks are hardly noticed and add to the ambience of a cabin rather than distract from it as you might have with sheet rock walls.



Cabins located in the Pigeon Forge area of the Great Smoky Mountains region

Smoky Mountain Cabins are good investments.
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Great interior spaces are featured in Great Smoky Mountain cabins.


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If you'd like to know more please contact us - we are experts in the rental cabin market of the Great Smoky Mountains and we will be happy to help you find a cabin that is right for you!

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